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Casa Modico

São Miguel do Gostoso - Brazil

Private Residence

architecture: Atelier Branco

structure: SP Project: Miguel Brazão

systems: JCA Multiserv

In the north-east of Brasil, on the shore of São Miguel do Gostoso supported by the softest things: the wind and the clouds, rises casa Modico, one of the recent and characteristic projects by Atelier Branco.The influence of the land and its connection to the wind has developed in the client and creator the will to imagine a proper response to local architectural traditions. Therefore the building is respectful in the construction technology, it’s ecologically sustainable and is a reference point for the landscape.

Observing the longitudinal section rise the intention to create natural ventilation cruising every space of the house. Indeed the separations between the common spaces and the privates one are defined by a composition of bricks that creates a filter that facilitates ventilation. The lightness in living these spaces is marked by the rhythm of the dance of the air, shaped by the wind. Lightness has always been associated with the art of dance. Yet even this exuberant art is very connected to its opposite, the discipline. Given the topography of the site, the section determines the resolution of the project, two similar volumes located on a flat landscape, one meter above the sea level.

In the project are defined two principal axes, the first one cuts perpendicularly the ocean and connects all the common areas defining the sequence the symmetry of the house. The second one parallel to the waters of the ocean benefits the natural resources for the ventilation, either as emptiness or as a filter.

Four doors of different sizes introduce into each common area. At the arrival we find the smallest as the entrance to the house. Two identical doors open onto the interior patio, where we find a long wooden table of 7 m, the second identical door welcomes us in the living room with just a piece of furniture: a sofa in front of the ocean. A 3x3m door lets us on the wooden deck, 80 sqm of a stage on the beach.

Four identical rooms develop along with this system, in these rooms the inside-outside view is filtered by a wall of horizontal wooden slats that produces a kind of fade in the vibration of light. 

Here as well the simplicity of form and colors: the balance of the walls, the natural wood of the blinds and the grey of the concrete floor are a quality that comes through a path and a project that is not simple, which indeed requires maturity, wisdom and courage. The ability to remove, to clear to get to the essentiality. Simplicity is clarity. Clarity is elegance, substance, honesty and therefore moral beauty.

23_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco - © Federico Cairoli.jpg
30_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco - © Federico Cairoli.jpg
04_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco - © Federico Cairoli.jpg
24_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco - © Federico Cairoli.jpg
27_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco - © Federico Cairoli.jpg
06_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco - © Federico Cairoli.jpg
21_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco - © Federico Cairoli.jpg
2_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco_pianta.jpg
3_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco_prospetto sud.jpg
4_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco_sezione e prospetto nord.jpg
5_Casa Modico - Atelier Branco_sezione e prospetto est.jpg
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