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Graduated in Science in Architecture at the Accademia di Architettura of Mendrisio - Switzerland in 2011.

He was collaborator with Riccardo Blumer, Zvi Hecker in Berlin and at Kengo Kuma KKAA in Tokyo.

He was Co-founder of Atelier Branco since 2012 in São Paulo till its closure on 2021

He is part of the Architects membership of Lisbon since 2022, from Parma since 2011 and registered to the Architecture Council of Brazilian Architects CAU since 2023.


He is Founder of Atelier Matteo Arnone since 2022 based in Italy developing projects internationally.

In 2018 was awarded as finalist at Premio Medaglia d’Oro dell’ Architettura Italiana by the Triennale di Milano - T Young Claudio De Albertis with the project Casa Biblioteca at the time of Atelier Branco and considered by Wallpaper magazine one to the most promising twenty young office in 2020.


2022 ´Postcards to Versailles´ Dancing Columns, Versailles Potager do Roi, France

2021 ´Postcards from immediate future´ Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland

2021 ´Venice Architecture Biennale´ 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Belgian Pavillion, Composite Presence - Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. Organization: Bovenbouw Architectuur 

2019 ´Dedalo Minosse’, Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Itália. Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. Organization: Dedalo Minosse, Itália.

2018 ‘Medaglia d’Oro’, Milano, Itália. Participação: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. Organization: Triennale di Milano, Itália. 

2018 ‘Building Stories’, Garagem Sul do CCB Lisboa, Portugal. Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. Organization: Rodrigo da Costa Lima e Amélia Brandão Costa – CCB Lisboa. 

2015 ‘Migrant Garden’, Piacenza, Italy. Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. Organization: Migrant Garden – Politecnico di Milano, Itália. 

2013 ‘Romanimale’, Rome, Italy. Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. Organization: Giovanni Romagnoli – Comune di Roma, Regione Lazio.


2023 October. GLASS HOUSES - Phaidon - Great Britain

2021 September. LIVING BY THE OCEAN - Phaidon - Great Britain


2020 July-August. ´DWELL’, US. Pushing the Edge. Pag 80-85.

2020 July. ´MASDECO 896’, Chile  (Front Cover). Casa Biblioteca. Pag 24-31.

2020 June. ‘WALLPAPER 255’, UK. 2020 Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory. Pag 131-141.

2019 December. ´ATTITUDE nº 90’. Journey, Portugal. Casa Biblioteca. Pag 168 - 175.

2019 November. ´ENKI’. Building a lifestyle, Great Britain (Front Cover). Wrappes in the Forest. Pag 94-104.

2019 Fall ´C3 nº 402. Houses, the Art of Living´, Korea. Casa Biblioteca. Pag 136 - 151.

2019 June ‘LABEL’, Poland. W Domu Filozofa. Text: Magda Swic. Pag 136 – 145. 

2018 November ‘DOMUS’, Itália. Premio T Young Claudio De Albertis. Pag Dodici. 

2018 September ‘PIÈRA nº8’, Itália. Abitare Oggi. Text: Paolo Panetto. Pag 106 – 119. 

2018 Spring ‘GA HOUSES 158’, Japan (Front Cover). Atelier Branco, Library House, Vinhedo, Brazil. Photos: Yoshio Futagawa. Pag 08 – 23. 

2018 Fevereiro ‘CASABELLA 882’, Itália. Atelier Branco, Casa Biblioteca, Vinhedo, Brasile. Text: Fabrizio Ballabio. Pag 55 – 63. 

2017 Outuno ‘KAZA 161’, Brasil (Front Cover). Casa Biblioteca, Entre páginas e folhagens. Pag 92 – 97.

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