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Casa do Musico is a small residential project located in a green neighborhood of São Paulo called Alto de Pinheiros, all surrounded by palms and local nature. 

The house was entirely custom made for the client, a musician. The entrance is a clear geometric 85 square meters space defined and sustained by the timber structure designed on the diagonal of the square.

This room is the main living space with the sofa and the dining table facing the kitchen. However it works as well as a small private concert hall that can fits all the instruments and friends, for the acoustic of the space it has various sound-absorbing panels along the walls. Furthermore the openings are measured to calibrate the incoming light and avoid an excessive illumination. 

The more private side of the house is much more dense and organized for the owner’s needs. It fits his bedroom and his soundproof room to compose and post product his records, both these spaces are facing the backside garden. 

Instead all the services such as bathrooms, the closet and the kitchen are located in the between space of these two opposite sides of the house in order to create a sound filter between the main room and the other spaces.

House for a Musician

São Paulo - Brazil

House renovation

architecture: AB & F.M

04_Atelier_Branco_casa Musico_edited.jpg
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